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Body Contouring

Is DNA your Worst Enemy?
You've done the work: you improved your diet and committed to an exercise routine. You've lost weight and you're feeling great. But there's one stubborn spot—muffin top, upper arm, inner thigh—where the fat won't budge. Maybe it's the way you're wired—DNA can foil even the fittest among us. Take heart. Now there's body contouring; the magic wand that zaps fat away.

Close your eyes and pretend you're in Beverly Hills.
In image-conscious California, body contouring is all the rage, because it's the first breakthrough in body sculpting and spot reducing—ever. It's simple science, but it works like magic. We use ultrasound technology to safely heat densely compressed layers of fat, breaking up the cells and forcing the elimination of triglycerides (fatty acids), which are carried off by the lymphatic system. As fat cells literally shrink, your body becomes slimmer. Plan on between six to eighteen treatments, and prepare to be amazed.

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Face Contouring

A Facelift Without Surgery
Wouldn't you love a firmer, more youthful looking face—a lift to your eyebrows and eyelids, a sharper jaw line, a few less wrinkles? Facial contouring uses radio frequency to firm and tighten the skin on your neck and face. It even works on eye bags and double chins. Radio frequency causes collagen fibers to contract, pulling and tightening the outer layer of skin as they do for an immediately noticeable effect. The treatment also produces new collage fibers so your skin will continue to look rejuvenated for months.

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