Nutrition Coaching Services

Healthy behaviors support an active, balanced life. However, if left to our own devices, old habits can interfere with positive changes--no matter how badly we may desire them. At InspireME®, we'll support you on your path. When you work with an InspireME® coach with the goal of creating healthy habits, you'll have someone in your corner to hold you accountable to the changes you wish to make.

Nutrition Coaching

Getting it Started
Our basic coaching program starts with a metabolic test, nutritional education, and goal setting. The package includes six, 30-minute follow-up sessions to build and solidify a structure around healthy new habits.

Keeping it Going
Sometimes creating healthy habits takes more than six coaching sessions. The six sessions in this package troubleshoot weak areas and identify ways to overcome difficulties.

Jump Start
You've done the work, you've created a structure that includes a healthy diet and exercise, but then life happens—a loved one becomes ill, a major project takes over, or you go on vacation. As wonderful as they are, vacations are the nemesis of healthy habits. These four coaching sessions will get you back on track in no time.

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Metabolic Testing

A simple, ten-minute breathing analysis of how your body processes oxygen. Results are used to calculate the calorie-burning zones at which your diet and exercise program will be most effective.

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Free Consultation

Schedule a free consultation to learn how our wellness and nutrition coaching services can help you achieve your goals.

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