Personal Training & Fitness Services

Our role at InspireME® is to help you find the best path to the achievement of your personal goals and to provide support on that path. Choose any of our individual, core services shown below or ask us to create a personalized fitness program that includes a mix of services to best fit your goals.

Personal Training for Optimal Health & Fitness

Are you ready to create a permanent space for exercise in your life? InspireME® can help. Imagine: a personal trainer at your side, guiding and gently encouraging you as you grow stronger, leaner, and more confident in your movements.

After an initial consultation, we'll design an exercise program based on your current fitness level, health goals, and schedule. Your personal trainer will support and motivate you during each workout, while fine tuning your form and technique.

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SURFSET® Training: Get on Board!

SURFSET® is the hot, new workout everyone's talking about. Every exercise on the board is designed to engage your core and stabilizer muscles, literally shocking the system to change. Challenge yourself in new ways and grow stronger in a group class or personal SURFSET® training appointment.

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Free Consultation

Schedule a free consultation to learn how our personal training or SURFSET® can help you achieve your goals. Some people just need a plan and off they go, while others need a personal trainer to give them that extra push through exercises they can, but won't do on their own. Personal training packages are available for 30- and 60-minute sessions. We also offer personal training sessions for two--share the cost and have fun getting fit with a spouse or friend.

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